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  • Mason Tillman has performed 30% of all disparity studies (Croson Studiescommissioned since 1990.

  • The studies analyze the contracting practices of public and private entities to determine if minority-owned, woman-owned, small, local, and veteran businesses have equal access to public contracting opportunities.

  • None of Mason Tillman’s studies or the minority and woman-owned business enterprise programs based upon them have been successfully legally challenged.

  • Mason Tillman provides customized and innovative policy solutions tailored to the findings of each study.


  • We specialize in formulating strategies to reach our clients’ stakeholders and customers representing diverse backgrounds, thoughts, and experiences.

  • Our comprehensive outreach plans are the cornerstone of campaigns that provide strategic direction to build and sustain valuable partnerships with the target market.

  • We engage in targeted outreach to communicate with the most underrepresented groups.

  • The process involves formative research, intervention design, program implementation, and outcomes evaluation.


  • Mason Tillman offers compliance consulting services to public and private entities to support programs that address equal opportunity, environmental, and statutory requirements.

  • We investigate agencies’ concerns and provide program assessment to ensure that our clients achieve and remain in compliance.

  • Mason Tillman monitors applicable regulations and provides clear guidelines for effective compliance with policies and procedures.


  • Mason Tillman specializes in the development of equity and inclusion programs for public and private organizations.

  • Our programs recognize today's complex legal requirements and reflect the diversity of our clients’ customers and employees.

  • Our program development is grounded in statistics and quantitative research techniques.

  • We provide direct client engagement to ensure key managers are afforded a role in defining the scope and direction of business equity and inclusion programs.


  • Mason Tillman reviews policies and procedures to measure the effects of implicit bias in their application.

  • Implicit bias and attitudes can have unintended effects on an organization's behavior, including the administration of policies and programs.

  • Implicit bias has adverse impacts on institutional contracting and hiring practices.

  • We offer remedies to reduce the presence and impact of unintended bias. 

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